What is Individual Counselling?

Individual counselling is one-on-one therapy between psychologist and client. The two main areas I focus on are:

  • Improving your mood and changing your mindset and behaviour
  • Equipping you with tools, strategies, and coping skills to meet and transcend your challenges

I integrate evidence-based strategies to support clients and use constructive coping skills necessary for navigating life's challenges. My focus from the start is on your desired outcome. I listen to your concerns and together we develop goals you want to achieve.

Coping with difficult situations can be frustrating or discouraging. At times, it takes courage to deal with your issues head-on.  Whether you need someone to listen, challenge you or a sounding board to bounce ideas off, I am here to address your challenges. I will guide you on your path to emotional understanding, finding new solutions and making better sense of your direction and growth.

Bereavement and grief counselling

Bereavement and grief therapy is for you if you have lost loved ones or experienced acute life changes that trigger intense grief, such as losing one's job.

Trauma counselling

Disturbing or distressing experiences can leave lasting effects on individuals and many times lead to mental health conditions, such as Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Depression. Trauma counselling assists with coping and improving long-term effects through various counselling methods.

Stress and anxiety management

During our daily life interactions and behaviour, we can experience stress and anxiety. Research indicates that continuous exposure to stress can lead to physical illnesses and consequently lessen one's quality of life. In learning to become more aware of the symptoms and triggers, we can start to manage these better or even reduce the effect of stress on one’s mental and physical health.

Personal growth and development

Counselling is not always about overcoming specific issues. Oftentimes, you may just need some direction or personal growth. When we equip you with the correct resources, tools and skills, you become more psychologically resilient to better cope with life’s difficulties.


Procrastination is when tasks are unnecessarily delayed or where we experience the inability to complete them. Typically, this is not due to not wanting to finish them, but rather an underlying cause. Here, we work through methods to increase productivity and delve into the reasons behind your procrastination.

Self-esteem building

Most of us occasionally struggle with confidence, so learning practical strategies for positive self-awareness is vital in obtaining a healthy self-esteem. Using various methods, we delve into the cause of low self-esteem and implement concrete ways to improve it.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is how we understand and positively manage our own emotions. Higher levels of emotional intelligence can help us in relationships at work and in our personal lives. Emotional intelligence is also beneficial for dealing with conflict, stress, communication, and other negative feelings or experiences.