What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy provides a safe environment for you and your partner to connect and support each other.

We start with a session to determine your challenges and the areas that require work. My therapy strategy entails a combination of scientific assessments that support the holistic approach. Thereafter we determine the best way forward for your relationship’s specific needs and challenges.

We will work on achieving the following in our sessions:

  • Practical tools for creating your best relationship
  • Skills for healthy and constructive communication
  • Counselling tailored to help you reach your relationship goals together
  • Effective research-based Gottman Method Couples Therapy


During the process couples are able to share more deeply with each other and grow purposefully in unity. Other areas included in the process are practical skills to:

  • Improve your friendship, fondness and admiration for each other
  • Enhance intimacy in your relationship
  • Learn constructive ways to deal with conflict
  • Create shared meaning
  • Skills to maintain a good healthy relationship

Relationships can be challenging. We want to feel safe and connected, but life and personal experiences have a way of making this very complicated.

I am here to help create a safe space while you traverse your new path and discover ways to feel more connected, and I will assist you with a more fulfilling relationship with your partner.

Transform your relationship and reach for your dreams.


Please note when physical abuse, addiction or severe mental health issues are involved, it is in your best interest to seek specialists in these areas. I am happy to provide a referral.