What is Corporate Wellness?

Your career forms an integral part of who you are. It is, after all, what you spend a large portion of your day on. Therefore, it must be rewarding and fulfilling. 

My services to companies and employee wellness programs (EAP) entail assisting employees with improving their emotional well-being and overcoming obstacles that may negatively affect their productivity and work satisfaction.

Other services available to employees: 

  • Improved morale and work satisfaction
  • Boost confidence for public speaking, presentations and meetings
  • Increased work performance
  • Adjusting to the ever-changing work environment such as working from home
  • Work stress and anxiety
  • Career development

In addition, I assist individuals when they feel stuck in their career journeys, experience negative behaviour at work, or are going through life changes such as returning to work after maternity leave, retrenchment or retirement.

Career counselling

Career counselling help you discover where you feel the most comfortable in your career. By clearly identifying your interests, strengths and history, together, we navigate a path and find your most suitable career and work environment.

Psychometric assessment

A psychometric assessment determines your best career track based on your personality, intelligence, interests, values and potential.

Career challenges

During the course of your career, there will certainly be difficulties and challenges to face. Here, we aim to resolve any conflicts, adversities or changes you may experience during your career journey.